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You shouldn’t feel bad that you worked summer internships during college while your buddies went off to play.

And you should certainly not feel embarrassed by your frugal habits and smart investments once you found a job. With the below suggestions you’ll be able to better walk amongst the shadows without fear of retribution any longer.

So here you go Bill, here’s the line in the sand, so to speak… I’m not saying to eliminate government altogether, though that would be fine with me. You all can have as much government as you’re willing to pay for. All governments, individuals and people are prohibited from using initiatory force, threat of force and fraud. Not live by the rule of man or the rule of the jungle. As George Bush senior said: “We have before us the opportunity to forge for ourselves and future generations a new world order — a world where the rule of law, not the rule of the jungle, governs the conduct of nations.” Make no mistake about it; rule of the jungle is initiatory force. Our particular geographic location is planet Earth.

That’s just the way it has to be if you, me and we want to live in peace and freedom, allowing massive abundance to be brought forth making everyone wealthy, including the poor. The Prime Law will reign supreme over the entire Earth populace.

But they can only get there if we act as subjects and fight their wars for them. But then came others and someone suggested that we create a government. Is it so we can create wars against people in other communities?

Mary replied, no, we create governments to protect ourselves from each other. Supreme Court have ruled that government has no duty to protect anyone. Absolutely true; government has no duty to protect you, me or anyone.

Never lose site of the fact that it’s really the journey to financial independence that’s most rewarding.

Thus perfecting the great self-governance experiment that began two hundred twenty-five years ago.

Always under the threat that they’ll take away your money and or throw you in a cage if you don’t live your life as the tell you to. The lone exception is that they protect themselves and their ruling-class jobs – that’s the only exception and it’s for them. Killing us in more ways than most people can imagine. It’s downright natural occurring for humans to create massive abundance.

They invade countries and go to war using us to fight their wars. I’ll give you a glaring example of that in a moment. War and initiatory force is unnatural for conscious beings that live by the rule of law. The new world order George Bush senior spoke about would be an extension of initiatory force – not the illumination of it. A nation is the people of a particular geographic location or region.

Thanks to disciplined savings and investing habits, in another 10 years, I’m sure everybody is going to be that much wealthier.

But once you get to where you are going, you’ll wonder what’s next.

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