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Lady Bird , a film entirely deserving of every iota of praise that’ s been heaped upon it, has notched yet another success, becoming one of the few movies in history to earn 100 percent positive reviews from critics on Rotten Tomatoes . " The Lady Bird Rotten Tomatoes score has fallen to 99% thanks to one review, which means it is no longer the best reviewed film in the history of the site.

The group's most recent survey, conducted in October, found Trump held a 34 percent approval rating after three consecutive surveys dating back to February measured his approval rating at 39 percent. But the point still stands: As of this writing, of all the purely 100 % fresh movies on Rotten Tomatoes , Lady Bird has the most reviews. This is the guy who got kicked out of the New York Critics Circle for heckling 12 Years A Slave director CLICK HERE to view " Rotten Tomatoes ' 100 Percent Club!

That brought its Rotten Tomatoes rating down to 99 percent.

They will upload their local recordings, check out their official page (see below).

narrative feature to earn a 100 percent rating based on more than 80 reviews. The Saoirse Ronan-starring coming-of-age story has been certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes with a perfect score of 100 percent as of Monday morning.

' Lady Bird ' earned a 100 percent "fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes , because it' s apparently a perfect movie. With its 99%, it leaves the exclusive club of films that boast a 100 % rating with over 100 reviews, a club that includes Things to Come, Man on Lady Bird earns a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes .

Trump's 32-percent approval rating is a new low in the Pew poll. In fact, the film was the highest- rated Rotten Tomatoes movie of all time, maintaining a 100 percent "fresh" rating on the review Then some guy had to go and ruin it all. Lady Bird Just Got The Best Rotten Tomatoes Score In History — But These Fan Favorite Movies Are Rated SHOCKINGLY Low!

Sixty -three percent of Americans say they disapprove. Greta Gerwig' s beloved film Lady Bird has proven to be critical catnip, with consensus suggesting that it' s an actual perfect movie.

Here are 17 that do, with a few that might be unexpected."The Cabinet of Dr.Caligari" (1920)A silent, creepy German horror film, "Dr.Caligari" is full of strange expressionist imagery.' Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) asks his white girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams) as they get ready to leave their city apartment for a weekend at her parents' rural estate.'No,' Rose replies. 'He says in response: 'It seems like something you might want to mention; I don't want to get chased off the lawn with a shotgun.'Humor in this vein slowly sets the stage for the racial overtones in the horror film, which comes with a simple premise: A black man named Chris travels upstate with his white girlfriend Rose to meet her parents (Bradley Whitford and Catherine Keener) - and things get weird.Among the critics championing the film on the movie site included Reelviews' James Berardinelli, who said that the film 'delivers the goods without copycatting every cookie-cutter horror film being released today.'It’s the proverbial breath of fresh air blowing through a stale industry,' he wrote, adding that the director 'Peele’s vision is largely responsible for this, as are his unconventional casting choices.'NPR's Chris Klimek said Peele’s 'debut feature as writer and director ...

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