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So when I started dating my husband when he was 28 and I was 20, I didn't stop to think, man, this won't work because some person on the internet was far too immature at 20 and far too mature at 28 so they would not have been able to travel through time and date them self.

If we're playing statistics or overall trends and not talking about your one individual experience though, it's safe to make certain calls.

Also: what does a 16-year old offer that someone your age cannot?

IME, Maybe they hang out with their 16/17 year old sibling? I had just started to study and he was in the process of ending it, but we are very similar in our personality.

Especially if you're the older/more advanced person, I generally assume you don't have the confidence to date someone who is at your level.

" is different than "is so-and-so dating so-and-so weird?

I would totally have been open to revisiting the potential relationship a couple of years later though. My only question would be, to the 19-year-old: why?

What does a 16 year old give you that someone your age and, you know, not in high school, could not? It's not the actual age thing so much as: what is there in common with those 2 ages?

And where would they have met, if the 19-year old isn't explicitly seeking out younger girls. At a café, at an event which is related to an activity (like a convention or something), club (sportsclub, bookclub), at concerts.. So yeah, I'd think that a 19 year old dating a 16 year old is weird.

The answers to those questions are important and telling, IMOWhat types of hobbies/ social settings/ whatever would lend themselves to that, though? Surely there are exceptions to the rule but the majority of adults who date minors are going to be "weird."I met my SO when I was 17 and he 20, and it ended up being that the guys he was living with was exactly that '20 yo that hangs out exclusively at high school parties' type of person.

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