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According to one researcher, this could happen in about 80 years.There are also evidence of damage caused by at least two earthquakes in the past.We where impressed with the user interface and fast loading speeds of this porn giant.The video player works similar to You Tube’s; you can watch the videos in small, large or full screen.On the basis of this finding, the monument was dated to that time.It was also that first hypothesis, which gave rise to the name "fortress".Photo credit: first excavations of the site wasn’t carried out until almost 60 years later by another Russian archeologist who saw construction characteristics typical of Chinese architecture from the T’ang Dynasty.Based on an anecdotal evidence, the so-called Selenginsk inscription, the lead archeologist of the excavation S. Vainshtein offered that Por-Bazhyn was a defense fortress built by the second Uighur ruler, Boyan-Chur in 750CE.

Another mystery is the absence of traces of habitation.Of course, there are no evidence to support these interpretations. The structure sits on a bed of permafrost with has been slowly melting over the past century, as a result of warmer temperature, causing the water level of the lake to rise.As the permafrost melts, the structure could collapse into the lake.One of them may have happened during construction in the 8th century, and another catastrophic one after it the abandoned that destroyed the building.Gone are the days of going to the video store or having to pay for quality porn.

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