A guide to dating

—Joanne Davila, Ph D, professor and director of clinical training, Department of Psychology, Stony Brook University There is so much misunderstanding about adolescent male sexuality and about adolescent males, so much that there is a distance between who boys actually are and who we think they are.

goes a long way towards sensitizing the reader to normal adolescent male development without making it scary or deviant.

The book covers the biggest questions and smallest concerns of every would-be dater, including: Written and illustrated for a hi/lo reader, Boyfriends & Girlfriends is perfect for anyone who is already in a relationship, ready to start one, or still only dreaming about it. Terri Couwenhoven is a sexuality educator who works with people who have intellectual disabilities and Clinic Coordinator for the Down Syndrome Clinic of Wisconsin at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.

It's right on target with the things boys want to know.

They can be a tough audience to reach, and if any book has the chance to do so, this one does.

I highly recommend this book and am delighted to add it to my own classroom library of resources on healthy sexuality.

—Al Vernacchio, MSEd, author, In a society saturated by either disinformation or mis(sing) information, it's more than just "refreshing" to finally have a book that lays it all out for guys. Andrew Smiler's even-handed, judicious, and down-to-earth book will become the go-to book for teen guys—and those who love them.

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