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For example the drive phase (foot in contact with ground) of sprinting typically occurs with knee flexion of about 135degrees or greater and the same can hold true (not always, though) for some of your best performers in the vertical jump test. An athlete may max out at 315 in the parallel squat, but may max out at 375 in the quarter squat.

The limiting range of motion of the parallel squat is parallel (bottom position with joint angle of roughly 90 degrees), and for the quarter squat it may be 130 degrees.

Each mechanism has its benefits and negative aspects. Weight Stack or Leverage Machines isolate/recruit prime movers while the athlete follows the restricted range of motion designed into the machine.

Typically force is generated in only one plane of motion, with minimal recruitment in other planes.

The negative side to this method of training lies in the beginning range of motion, where maximal recruitment of specific muscles occurs.

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The more force an object can absorb, the more power it can generate.

Band resistance lies on the opposite end of the spectrum as free weight training.

At the beginning range of motion, the band will have minimal if any resistance.

It is at these points that the muscle tension and overload are the greatest.

But once the athlete has driven through the weakest point of motion, and accelerates up to approximately 180 degrees, the lift becomes progressively easier as the joint angle increases.

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