Accommodating synonym

The motive behind Pat Garretts relentless pursuit of the Kid was that his death meant money and the office of sheriff of Lincoln County.

The Kid was a thousand times better and braver than any man hunting him, including Pat Garrett.

He was charged with practically all the killings in Lincoln County in those days, but that was simply because his name had become synonym for daring and fearlessness.

When Sheriff William Brady was killed, we all regretted it, not that any of us cared much about the sheriff, but because of the manner in which it was done.

Therefore, Ive made a composite of accounts by the Kids pals and acquaintances from their own writings and interviews they had with biographers and journalists, just to give you another side of the Kids story.

He never seemed to care for money, except to buy cartridges with; then he would prefer to gamble for then straight.I understood at the time that Billy said he tried to get Bill Matthews, who was walking with Brady, and did not even aim at Brady.I think his subsequent conviction for killing Sheriff Brady was based on insufficient evidence and was most unjust. Tunstall had lived, Billy, under his guidance, would have become a valuable citizen, for he was a remarkable boy, far above the average of the young men of those times and he undoubtedly had the making of a fine man in him. He was kind and good to poor people, and he was always a gentleman, no matter where he was.There have been plenty of negative and harsh words said about Billy the Kid, but what did his friends say about him?It seems their words fall on deaf ears and not taken seriously, while his legend is built on the accounts from his enemies which are taken as gospel.

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