Accomodating disability employer

Firstly, a Reasonable Accommodation is any action that helps to alleviate a substantial disadvantage due to an impairment or medical condition.

Unlike physical disabilities that can be seen and recognized, employers may not realize that a person with a mental health condition is experiencing an issue and needs a workplace accommodation to remain employed and productive.“And sometimes the employee will realize that there could be a better environment in which to work, where managing mental health and triggers will be easier.” Most accommodations in the workplace can be established with little or no cost.They just require some flexibility and creativity, and can often be put in place quickly, if the need arises.“I think it is critical for employers to understand that workplace accommodations create substantial benefits for the organization,” says Matthew Aumen, a program analyst in SAMHSA’s Center for Substance Abuse Prevention.“Accommodations remove barriers, which allows employees to maximize their potential and performance.

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