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Martin's Lane France: G authier-Villaes, Paris Germany: Hermann Paetel, Berlin 1905 (MAY) ■J z INTERNATIONAL CATALOGUE OF SCIENTIFIC LITERATURE. ,^V^ l1 1 PUBLISHED FOR THE IKTERNATIONAL COUNCIL BY THE ROYAL SOCIETY OF LONDON LONDON : ELi ERiso N AND So NS, 45, St. In each section the final arrangement of papers is in the alphabetical order of authors' names. THE SKIN PHARMACOLOGY (Q-9987) BEGIN AT 0000 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 GOOO 7000 8000 '.t OOO PHYSIOLOGY IN GENERAL. 0030 General Treatises, Text-Books, Dictionaries, Bibliographies, Tables, etc. Tliis also has the advantage of giving to the pages of the Subject Catalogue a mark by which they can be distinguished at a glance from the pages of the Author Catalogue. 0020 Periodicals, Reports of Institutions, Societies, Con- gresses, etc. OOGO Institutions, Museums, Collections, Economics. Gustav Rados, viii, Muzeumkorut, Muegyetem, Buda-Pest. Sec, Asiatic Society of Bengal, 57, Park Street, Calcutta. Gregory, Royal Society of Victoria, Victoria Street, Melbourne. To enable the reader to find these numbers quickly, the first and last number on the page is repeated at the right and left corner at the head of each page in the Subject Index.

{See also L 6100-6900.) 0211 Structure of the Cell Body.

The numbers given in the index are Registration numbers, and can be vm used at once for turning to the proper page of the Subject Index. PHYSIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY THE NERVOUS SYSTEM THE SENSES MUSCLE. ELECTRO-PHYSIOLOGY THE BLOOD AND THE CIRCULATORY SYSTEM RESPIRATION.

In order to find the papers dealing with a particular subject tlie reader may either consult the Schedule or the Index to the Schedule.

The present voltune consists of three parts : — (a) Schedules aud Indexes in four languages. The Subject Catalogue is divided into sections, each of which is denoted by a four-figure number between 00 called a Registration number.

{See also 1 920 ; P 2 180.) 01 60 Changes in the Animal dufing Life.

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