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Citizens may also register by printing their information on the form provided on the speaker podium in Council Chambers after 5 pm and before the start of the meeting.Citizens speaking on agenda issues may speak for up to five minutes at the beginning of the meeting.We review the literature on landslide-climate studies, and find a bias in their geographical distribution, with large parts of the world not investigated.We recommend to fill the gap with new studies in Asia, South America, and Africa.Where global warming is expected to increase the frequency and intensity of severe rainfall events, a primary trigger of rapid-moving landslides that cause many landslide fatalities, we predict an increase in the number of people exposed to landslide risk.Finally, we give recommendations for landslide adaptation and risk reduction strategies in the framework of a warming climate.

If you cannot print the law you are interested in, please call the Council Office at 6 to request a copy Can I address Council at their meetings?The City Clerk is the Director of the Legislative Branch, responsible for managing the operations of City Council by providing leadership and administrative support, implementing Council policies and providing quality services to the people of The City Clerk maintains accurate legislative records and performs other services to the body of Council such as public relations, drafting and reviewing ordinances, legal research and acting as a liaison with the City Administration and other entities. Council agendas are posted on the City’s website – by the Thursday preceding the meeting on the Council page.The City Clerk assists Council in areas such as setting agendas, developing a Council Action Plan and coordinating appointments for the City's Boards, Authorities and Commissions. Meeting minutes are posted on the website several days after the meeting.Citizens who are interested in matters before Council but who cannot attend meetings in person have two other options.Meetings are televised live on the MAC Channel (Comcast channel 99) and through the City’s website.

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