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I even met an avid reader of my blog who works for an up-and-coming sex toy manufacturer. “Rumbly” and “buzzy” are adjectives that, to my knowledge, the sex toy community invented.

Their flagship vibrator intrigued me with its peculiar manta ray flaps and vibrant shade of turquoise silicone. If you imagine it as a spectrum, rumbly vibrations (sometimes referred to as “thuddy”) reside on one end, buzzy on the other.

Buzzy toys can get me off (especially if they have sheer power on their side), but rumbly vibes are simply more satisfying.

And it makes sense: deeper vibrations cause deeper orgasms… Imagine pushing an empty metal shopping cart over coarse, uneven parking lot asphalt — feel your hands becoming uncomfortably tingly?

They’re the kind of vibrations that can cause temporary numbness, and with it, something even worse: boredom.

If held against my nose, the Mini Magic Wand seems strong. After the initial wave of pleasure that comes from holding any buzzing object against my genitals, something terrible and depressingly recognizable starts to happen: I’ll realize I’m not enjoying myself. —Lovehoney Mini Magic Wand review Buzzy vibrations are a menace to society, in my opinion.

There are weak buzzy vibrators and powerful ones, mild rumbly toys and jackhammer-level ones. It’s the reason I instinctively grimace when I turn on the Eva or the Princessa.

Auto Roam lets you automatically connect to Singtel’s roaming service in more than 235 international destinations with no added surcharge to roaming rates.Check out my landing page for my top toy picks there.Here’s the latest: 15% off Womanizer toys and free bullet vibe with Magic Wand Rechargeable purchase through 5/31!I believe once people get a taste of rumbly, they won’t want to go back to purely buzzy sex toys — and they shouldn’t.As I once said, “we deserve orgasms that shake our entire clitorises, people.

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