Adult nude emotions for chatting

She loves me – all of me and everything that entails.And I love every part of her – which is why I married her.We got there on a Wednesday after work and were planning to stay there through the next Monday. The marijuana must have been lowering Sara's inhibitions. The condo is a small, simple studio, but it had been beautifully renovated and has the most wonderful balcony overlooking the ocean. We have it simply furnished – a queen sized bed, a dining table, and a futon couch. This is not information that Sara would ever offer up to anyone, let alone relative strangers. "But I think Ben and I need to talk first." Junot and Carlos got cleaned up and made their goodbyes. I have an uncut six inch cock that Sara used to devour, but I couldn't remember the last time my cock was in her mouth. Before me she dated mostly Latin and Caribbean guys. When we first started dating, she mentioned some crazy times she had with her former lovers – a few threesomes and maybe even an orgy.We are a bit of a contrast – her tall figure and light pale freckled skin next to my shorter stature and darker South Asian skin. She was always kind of vague, but from what she did tell me, her experiences were with men. One would think hearing about my wife having sex with two (or maybe more) guys would be hard to handle. In my 20s, I would be a jealous mess, but in my 40s I don't have as possessive view of sex.And I'm certainly not one to judge – I had an adventurous sex life myself when I was younger.And in fact, her candor actually encouraged me to be honest about my sexuality.

Even when the weather is cold, we like to go there to relax and breath the fresh air. We both took a few days off work and headed to the beach. We hadn't seen them since our crazy weekend but hugged like old friends. Many women seem turned off by bisexual men, but Sara is not remotely homophobic.She knows I've sucked many cocks in my life and has never been concerned or judgmental.Sara is an Ivy League graduate and quite successful in her career. I mean..saw that and then fucked me for the first time in months," she asked. Before we were married, she was able to buy a beautiful condo by the beach. I saw you shush him so you wouldn't get caught." "I'm so sorry," she said after a long, painful silence. "And then you fucked Junot...right in front of me," I countered. We had a hard time explaining ourselves to each other. We talked all day and night and the rest of the weekend. We made love all weekend in every corner of that apartment. We opened up about our sexual histories – every detail we could remember about our past experiences – every blowjob, every spit-roast (it turns out we both love to be spit-roasted), every crazy encounter.

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