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Hence, in alternate months, we meet in 4 venues in each of these, as below, alphabetically Cost is £10, but feel free to come and be our guest on your first visit and see if it works for you?Our current capacity is around 60 people, and we tend to see between 50 people most months when we all come together, with people from as many as 30 different congregations & organizations around the area, of all different ages and backgrounds too. The borough breakfasts are smaller affairs as we seek to build ‘family’ with a more focused approach but hope to see these organically grow in time as people ‘catch the vision and heart’ and relationally connect. Please feel free to register on our specific SECTOR DATABASE for regular e-mail updates (usually 2-3 each month) by e-mailing [email protected] believe that every one of us is a MISSIONARY, a MINISTER and a FULL-TIME CHRISTIAN WORKER !!We are also exploring other ways of CONNECTING/Communicating using social networking tools, and simply by encouraging networking and chatting/sharing in any way possible, and in the week as well as on a Sunday!Today notes are by Harisfazillah Jamel of Malaysia.All about computers and Internet, Open Source Free BSD and Linux. HP-UX and SUN are among the operating system I used to work with. We must do our best, because we are the best, going to be the best, best of the best.“OPEN THE GATES” is a heart-cry to all of us to rise up and be all that God has created us to be as part of His Holy Nation (different), and we are called to open gateways into our city, our culture and our communities….seven GATES listed above are the new “ethnos” or tribes that The Father is sending us out and into to stand for His Kingdom and make a difference, make disciples and demonstrate His nature to all that live, work and play in each sector.Sector Net currently seeks to represent and develop in the seven societal sectors listed above by embracing a group of people who lead, manage, work in or invest in these sectors, as well as those who simply HAVE A HEART for God to move in our communities.

Ces dernires ne sont pas nombreuses mais font les joies de nos adhérents les plus anciens.Songket Mail Sdn Bhd (1243508-A) is an Information Technology systems Integrator and Open Source Software consulting.Songket Mail is focusing on ICT Service Delivery and Operation (ISDO), ICT Security related to ISDO, Data Center Agility and Cloud Computing base on Open Source Software and solution.We began to see the gateways that exist in our society and that we need to ask God to help us occupy.Out of this vision, Sector Net was born.” The key Bible verses for us were Isaiah 26 vs 1-3, all to do with God’s heart for His Body within “the city” to be released within that city.

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