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One thing that could jeopardise Rift's future as a platform for explicit content is the recent Facebook buyout.The reason these tawdry sex games can exist is because anyone can make a game for it.Zuckerberg has said that, beyond games, Rift will become a platform for “new kinds of experiences” like having “courtside seat at a game”, but I doubt he had Sexy Space Adventure in mind.Facebook are notoriously strict with adult content, deleting even partial nudity from peoples' profiles, so it's reasonable to expect this will extend to the Rift if its openness is affected.Personally, I find the whole concept of virtual sex a bit sinister.Some may like the idea of a future where human intimacy is no longer shackled by the need for physical contact, but all I see are millions of sallow men sitting in dark rooms with their mouths hanging open, plastic boxes strapped to their heads, and their hands down their pants.Looking down I notice that my avatar is sporting an erect penis, and in front of me a naked woman is wandering around the room, occasionally bumping into walls.

The first game on our appalling menu is Sexy Space Adventure, in which you play as a starship captain who has sex with women, in space.

More optimistically, VR could be a way for people in long distance relationships to communicate more intimately than in a Skype call.

Be Another Lab's Gender Swap experiment, which uses cameras mounted on the Rift headset to let you 'see' through the eyes of another person, could also have interesting applications for couples.

The character models are horrifying: the woman has empty, staring eyes and a nest of mad hair in need of some serious anti-aliasing. Worse still, she speaks in an eerie Stephen Hawking-style machine-generated voice. I jab at the number keys to swap between various sexual positions, jerking the mouse back and forth to thrust my terrible virtual groin, but there's no collision detection and I go straight through her.

Then she inexplicably slides along the floor, leaving me stupidly humping the air.

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