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It opens exactly two hundred years ago in 1809 where the daughter of the landed gentry family, Thomasina Coverley is being tutored by the handsome Septimus Hodge who wants her to concentrate on Fermat's last theorem.

Grandin's autism led her to suggest that the interpreting activity of the normal human brain trumps its own understanding of the reality known by other mammals, thus limiting human perception. The play focuses on entrepreneur Frank's desperate attempt to hold onto information in the company he founded in order to salvage what is left of his wife's fading memory. A combination that took it from London to Broadway where it's "hot ticket" status was boosted by its stars, Jake Gylenhaal and Ruth Wilson.

David Leveaux's outstanding revival was enough of a hit at the Duke of York in London to transfer to Broadway in 2011.

The play is set in Sidley Park, a beautiful Georgian mansion and estate.

Science and art are two different ways of being in the world. Alan Lightman, in a NYTimes essay on the film and stage world's embrace of science based stories-- including Lightman's cult novel Einsteins' Dreams.

It is the lack of answers and the sense of being haunted by them that gives art its power ---Dr.

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