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Because Albany County is the home of the state’s only four-year university, there is a question as to how the student population affects the proportion of county residents considered food insecure.Until now, it has been unclear how many students are struggling to access food.

Warburg in Westphalia about 1650 2 Title Page of 'M. Pastorius' "Liber Intimissimus" 16 Frontispiece of ^L A. In 2017, a group of University of Wyoming faculty and administrators from the Department of Agricultural Economics, Financial Services, and the Office of Academic Affairs signed up for The Ohio State University’s College Study on Financial Wellness, which included a food security module (Alexander).Surveying 722 undergraduates and using USDA metrics, the researchers discovered that 18.7% of respondents expressed low food security, and another 18.7% expressed very low food security (Mc Daniel et. These statistics are on par with the average of all of the four year public institutions that participated in the survey, but this does not mean they are inconsequential. Euting of the Librar}- of the University of Strassburg; Chief Librarian Markus Zucker of the University of Erlangen; Direc- tor Brandis of the Library of the University of Jena; Librarian C. Bernoulli of the University of Basel ; the Director of the Paedogogium of Altdorf in Bavaria; the Director of the Kreis- archiv in Niimberg; Dr. A linguist, he used with accuracy and fluency, the German, English, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Latin and Greek languages. Deacon Herold of Windsheim; The Libra- rian of the Stadtarchiv in Frankf urt-on-the-Main ; The Libra- rian of the Stadtbibliothek in Frankfurt-on-the-Main ; Director J. It may well be doubted whether any other of the colonizers of America equalled him in intellectual cultivation and attainments.

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