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Lees been creating custom guitar amps for many of the top players in the world: Steve Vai , George Lynch , Paul Gilbert , Zakk Wylde , Akira Takasaki and Allen Holdsworth , David Grissom , Curt Kirkwood and Eric Johnson to name a few. I have no idea why you are having any relationship with your ex. YEah I agree bro now if she wasnt ex hmm thast a tuffy um i would ask about how it happened and thing s like that and if it seems like she set it up basically and dint try to think about what happes wit hthe guuy when they are alon and stuf I would explain my self and if the seem sincere then try it again if they do it again dump em.. Neither of you are attached to the other so she can go out with whoever she wants and kiss whoever she wants, but that also applies to you..., Children of Bodom have toured relentlessly, released several critically-acclaimed records, and have been embraced by multitudes of loyal fans.I mean, obviously it’s more work for me, but it’s definitely worth it because it DOES sound better.MB: : It actually kinda brought everybody closer again. Well, maybe not abrupt, since we could kind of feel it in the air that something was going on.An animated series from the mind behind Each band member possesses their own naively sociopathic tendencies, and they generally fail at doing anything not related to music, partying, or contract negotiation.

There’s not that much time to sit down and talk about it, we just had to go on.

The first thing I’d like to talk about is the tone on I Worship Chaos.

It has a bit of a heavier vibe than maybe some of the previous records.

I could not imagine this band without the four of us; losing our guitarist taught us we need to communicate more, and talk more.

It’s interesting to see the evolution in sound from Something Wild to now.

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