Am i an intimidating person

I'd try to play my part in the game but, some of these kids, on offense, would just whiz by me on their way to the goalie. I find intelligent, articulate and strong women to be so damn sexy.

They are giving you behavioural cues that you can use to your advantage.

There is a very clever way to deal with this situation.

Every single one of us was a child once, fairly powerless and open to the rules, restrictions and attitudes of the ‘powerful’ adults around us.

But if you know how to fight, how to really take on a larger opponent, then all that muscle and slowness don't mean much. I only remember one guy who was, perhaps not intimidating but instead, he gave me a “I should know where this guy is at when he's around” feeling. The man had killed like 10 insurgents during an ambush that got some of his men killed, including his platoon leader. They're the calm, quiet and borderline cold blooded types who don't react like most people would at all when bullets are flying or things are going to hell all around them. When someone seems to be more than what everyone else is, including oneself, that's what I'd call intimidating.

BUT…a fit, limber, fast and trained guy whose eyes are focused on you, unblinking, like a king cobra and is just immobile, ready to strike…that's a guy who knows himself well, knows what he can do and is focused, looking forward to doing some bodily harm on to you.

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