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The pair have decided to sell off their old kit after having a clear out, as they have kept them as spares for a number of years but they are now surplus to requirements.

Sydney said: 'Things were made better in those days, they were more durable and stronger, but of course the new ones are more sophisticated.'That's a good thing, but it means that if something goes wrong it can be quite a big job.

The enforcement of these laws, however, can be lax.

Ever since the Czechoslovakian Velvet Revolution (1989) led to the creation of the two independent states Czech Republic and Slovakia, prostitution has been flourishing and has contributed its share to the region's booming tourist economy.

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Prague is the capital city and largest city of the Czech Republic.

Both things ("sex and drugs") which are tolerated in Amsterdam are also common in Prague.

Prague is very popular party capital mostly for British guys, who will come there to host stag parties or just have a weekend get away party.

Most prostitutes charge around 5000-8000 CZK for a whole night.

Prague is slowly becoming more and more known all over the world as a "New Amsterdam".

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