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"And no, I won't be eating more now you've showed me the scientific evidence. There was similar scepticism from Alex Colas, 35, a university lecturer from Willesden Green, north London, and his wife Ishani Salpadoru, 32, a family doctor."I know they have a reputation," said Mr Colas, "but that's not why I am eating them.

"I've already fathered two children and I can assure you that was nothing to do with oysters."His wife agreed. "It is a sensual experience though - the fresh taste of the sea, the slippery, silky texture.

Humic acid has a subcomponent that is similar in molecular structure but unique in its benefits and chemical makeup. Together, Humic and Fulvic Acid contain large amounts of a wide variety of minerals, including trace minerals.

Minerals are essential for every aspect of your health.

Casanova, who admitted seducing 122 women in his memoirs, offered his own serving suggestion in Volume Six: "I placed the shell on the edge of her lips and after a good deal of laughing, she sucked in the oyster, which she held between her lips.

I instantly recovered it by placing my lips on hers."In London, at Bibendum, Sir Terence Conran's Chelsea Oyster bar, most customers seem to be taking their oysters in more conventional fashion - with a squirt of lemon, a dash of red wine vinegar and shallots, a drop of tabasco, or just slurped plain from the shell."I like the taste," said Claude, 76, a retired university lecturer from Deauville, France, demolishing a dish of Bibendum's fruits de mer with Liliane, his wife.

It takes place as ancient seaweed, plants, vegetation and fruit trees compress over time.

They then used a process called high-performance li-quid chromatography to identify which amino acids were present and in what quantities.They used to rotate crops and let fields rest and heal.But since our food production system has become so commercialized, it’s no longer possible for farmers to put back nutrients into the soil on such a large scale. The biochemistry and positive effect that Humic and Fulvic Acid have on the human body can be simplified into four sentences: Our bodies already intrinsically know how to assimilate minerals.There are many reasons why we can’t get enough minerals from our food.The two biggest reasons are the onset of large scale commercial agriculture which uses soil depleting methods and agricultural chemicals, mostly fertilizers and pesticides.100 years ago, farmers used to put rich compost back into the soil as fertilizers.

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