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2010 Martin 000X1AE Acoustic/Electric, (front), (back), (side), (headstock), (controls).

Unit is in clean shape and it comes with all the cables and hardware for a great price of 9.

2001 G&L Bound Asat Classic, (front bound top), (back), (headstock), (bridge/controls), (case).

Fairly rare model from my experience and much like the "Classic Custom" from '96-'97: bound top Asat Classic with a belly cut on the back.

There are even brackets for mounting on Pedaltrain pedalboards which keeps your power supply out of the way with more room for effects pedals. Perfection that will likely never been improved upon..when we're making carbon fiber bodies with a thin titanium top.

Finely crafted in Japan, the upscale Prestige series is the evolution of the RG series, featuring a wide and extremely thin, flat, and fast Prestige Wizard neck, high output IBZ/Di Marzio V7/V8 pickups, and the massive new Gibraltar Plus fixed bridge.

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