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It is not known whether she fell or jumped but initial reports suggested she leapt into the water to escape the terrorist.Miraculously, the Romanian architect was plucked to safety by a passing cruise ship.For this, the king was awarded made a Chief Commander of the Legion of Merit by U. After his abdication, Michael spent decades in exile working as a chicken farmer and aircraft pilot, living in Britain and settling in Switzerland.

She had surgery overnight which was described as 'successful' but remains in a critical condition.

Michael, who ruled Romania twice before being forced to abdicate by the communists in 1947, was remembered for his dignity and morality. The Swedish king saluted as Michael's coffin was placed on a dais.

Honor guard soldiers carry the coffin of the late Romanian King Michael during the funeral ceremony in Bucharest, Romania, Saturday, Dec. Tens of thousands of Romanians joined the European royals on Saturday to pay their respects to late King Michael as a state funeral got underway.

Her fiancé, engineer Andrei Burnaz, who celebrates his birthday tomorrow, suffered a knee injury but has been discharged from hospital.

She had been due to marry Mr Burnaz this spring and they had come for a holiday from their home in the Romanian city of Constanta.

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