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So will Anna regret not being able to return to the magical world created by Disney? And I am looking forward to the university experience." She had to be given time off from filming by the director to fly to her school ball in London from Prague.

"He changed the shots around and got me on a plane back to London," she recalled.

The film marks the end of five years' hard work for Anna, who plays Susan, the heroine of the Narnia stories.

The latest film involved a shoot in New Zealand, Poland, Slovenia and Czech Republic before began studying in Oxford. Anna, 19, has managed to combine her studies with her acting since arriving at Magdalen.

"To have the opportunity to train with these world-class riders and practise on these beautiful Friesian horses whenever I wanted was such an incredible opportunity." In a way, like Susan, Anna says she has ended up doing a lot of her growing up in Narnia.

"In The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, the Pevensies had this immense challenge of going from being children to being kings and queens.

A short time ago she was in Oxford cramming for her university exams in English.

Last year, she won the Cuppers Prize for best supporting actress in the student production Five Kinds of Silence and also played Lady Macbeth at the OFS Studio.

"I turned up in my jeans and T-shirt and got changed in the bathroom and had time for about two dances before I had to run around and go back." Filming Prince Caspian certainly ensured that she came to Oxford in peak physical condition.

"In the book the girls don't fight in the battles and that's been changed in this movie," said Anna, whose mother is a doctor at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

I got a few funny looks during lectures when I first arrived.

But it had been a while since The Lion, the Witch and The Wardrobe came out and most people were quite normal about it.

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