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You can choose between a red bracelet with gold charms or one with silver charms.

There are hamsa charms to ward off the evil eye, and then there are charms bearing different Kabbalistic names of G-d, each of which is meant to bring a particular type of aid or protection.

Keeping your own thoughts pure is the best way to protect yourself from the evil eye.

In this way the red string is not so much a charmed object for the superstitious but an ever-present reminder of Rachel's example.

Take a minute to browse our selection where you can find styles suited to both younger and older tastes.

There is even a unisex option, a handsome clasp bracelet of sterling silver and red leather with 14K gold Aleph – Lamed – Dalet printed in relief on the plate.

If you want to have your bike on the website, send a picture.

I will only add bikes to the website after the owner has given his written consent unless its a museum piece or advertised for sale!

One of the oldest Kabbalistic traditions, the wearing of a red string bracelet to ward off the evil eye has also become a fashion statement in recent years with the addition of decorative elements such as silver clasps, pendants, and other kabbalistic ornaments. The simple red string wrapped once around the wrist and knotted seven times is a Jewish folkloric tradition as well as a practice associated with the Kabbalah.

Also found on many early engines is a Quality control stamp consisting of a broad arrow over an M and with a number underneath.

On all engines, bore and stroke are given at the right hand upper corner.

Many frames are showing a variety of numbers on various positions.

All the result of attempts to give it another identity by either official entities or owners fitting a frame to the paperwork they have.

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