Asp net validating date field

If you only change the style on the server side, at the same time, set the Compare Validator. If you change the style on the client side, you need to replace the Compare Validator.The Microsoft validators do not have any smart enabling features.Perhaps an additional js script shoud be added on the buttom of the page which will redefine one or more functions of original js code. currently we have forms connecting to the database created in visual basic. I noticed, that I can easily add current time with: var d=new Date(); Values(targetfield1, To String(d)); But when I am trying to form expiration date for example 10 years from this day: Year(Year() 10); Values(targetfield2, To String(expirationdate)); With IE It gives me correct date to datepicker field - Great - (I though that I am great java script guru)... NET Proz always make impossible to possible Try this one: System. However, I need the validation message somewhere else on my web form, not near the user control. The error message should occur wherever you place the vali....these windows forms we need to convert into web forms which are asp compatible. Hi, because of the difference in nature between web and win applications you'll need to reimplement at least the UI part. 11/27/2017 BUT when date value has been saved to e Directory - it is ... So how would I associate a validation control on my web form with the text box inside my web user control? Net Web Form & Web Service Deployment Hi all I have written some test web services and some web form applications and deployed them to my IIS.However I cannot click this to display the calendar without filling in the textboxes with the required field validators assigned to them. Date Validation Control on Web Form I have a page in which there are form fields to search by and upon search button click, a datagrid with results is displayed below.I have a date validation control: But this control allows dates in the following format: mm/dd/yyyy and m/d/yyyy,... Net Form into an web form, can this be done I am new here, but have been searching for a while, and may not have the correct lingo to find what I am looking for.If you have a multitiered application in which the busines logic and data access are in different parts/assemblies you can reuse them. How to convert a chinese date to english date in web form? NET Proz, I try to convert a chinese charater date (18-一月-2008) to english date (18-Jan-2008) from a web form. That's fine but I now want to deploy them to my real IIS server.I have created an msi for each but the problem is I seem to only be able to deploy to the default web site.

You can either write a custom validator or you can use the Ajax Control Toolkit Masked Edit control: Control Toolkit/Samples/Masked Edit/Masked I just used them in my last project and they did the job they needed to. So I added the Due Date field in the form and changed the stored procedure and the corresponding code in I am getting the following error message: @poduedate is not a parameter for procedure prr_out_projsearch_update1.I am tasked with implementing a application that was writen vb6 then converted to into a new website my team is developing. Open web page in IE and populate fields on the form from my web form To the dot net Knights. We have an vb application that opens multiple instances of IE object, each to different web pages.The idea is to put each of the 3 different forms in this application of 3 different pages. It then takes information from the current record in the app, populates fields on each of the web pages, and them submits the forms.Your datepicker has a common approach: open a new window and show the ASP. It took a lot of work but the results solve many problems:1.The command can be blocked by a popup blocker. Its difficult to position the calendar window next to the toggle button, in the way many sites do.

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