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Hi All, I am using Crystal XIR2 and my crystal reports use BVM for prompts/LOVs and Stored Procedure to pull the data based on value selected in prompts.

Below there are a number of different fields that were useful in using this type of date selection rather than a parameter.

Basically if a report has a known schedule or known run dates, we can use formulas to create the date parameterd and use the created date parameters in Select Editor to select the correct records.

to specify the length and also to pad with leading zeros if they are not there IE - 1 will be 01, 2 will be 02, etc.

// quarterly months // JSF - 9/4/2009; Modified this report to remove parameters.

IF Month(Current Date) - 1 = 3 then To Text(31,'00') else IF Month(Current Date) - 1 = 6 then To Text(30,'00') else IF Month(Current Date) - 1 = 9 then To Text(30,'00') else...

Thanks, I want start date prompt to be displaying 1/1/YYYY by default automatically every year and if user does not want this date (as a parameter) then they should be able to pick it up from calendar/Date Picker.

Formatting (Including the zero padding) of the individual fields is done at the field level rather than in this concatenating field.

&"-"&&"-"& End Date - Month; provides the end of Quarter month.

there would always be one that i forgot to get and they can;t be set to a reoccurring schedule because of the dyanmic dates, so i did the following... ---------------------------------- How to autodate a report. Use: There were several old tax reports that were using date parameters for reports that ran on an annual basis.

Since the parameters were needed, each report needed to be scheduled with the parameters provided and could not just be left to run rach year without providing the date range.

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