Background checks and online dating

Over the past decade or two, online dating has become a massively significant piece of the United States relationship and marriage scene.

Researchers have gone so far as to estimate that one in four couples meet online.

With this risk in mind, various sources have been working to make online dating services safer places for single people to mingle and interact.

On one end, legislators have worked to tighten up the security for online dating sites.

Popular online dating services like e Harmony,, and Ok Cupid have even managed to turn the phenomenon into an incredibly sustainable business model.

Vendors like offer comprehensive and instantaneous background screening options to dating sites, such as US One SEARCH, which looks for signs of criminal active, and US Registered Offender One SEARCH, which browses sex offender registries from around the country.“No background check of felony or sex offense convictions is done on members who use this service.Please take appropriate safety measures to increase awareness of possible risks associated with dating.”At first glance, it may seem like a good idea; weed out criminals in order to make online dating a safer experience for everyone.According to a recent study by Washington’s Pew Research Center, about 30 percent of people active on dating services try to learn more about their potential matches before agreeing to in-person meetings.Pew’s findings indicate that these cautious people look for everything from a potential date’s relationship history to traces of criminal or sex offender history.

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