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I have tried to post the answer on their wall but they deleted it... Oh yes, 2012 I started an upload to Alpha Centauri, 4,5 lightyears from here.

Some are also available in the ETV video hall but some are not (for example the giving tree series or the old masters series.

Wow unbeliaveable how they destroy the old videos.. They waste their time, no one wish this crap results.

"CLUB OF THE ANONYMOUS NYMPHOMANIACS" was not bad at its time and i belive it was about an hour or more long. But "CLUB OF THE ANONYMOUS NYMPHOMANIACS" was live also crap and very boring. Tomorrow the publish THE ALL GIVING TREE: ALBION | Jasmine, Kristal cut in a 20 minutes Movie.

The added 1000000 "shitty effects, black and white and cross-fades like crazy. There was another show with similar title wich was nice "CLUB OF THE ANONYMOUS Alcoholics", but they will destroy it also. THE ALL GIVING TREE was a very nice and hot show series and no reason to cut something.

They cut it down to 20 mins and removed every hot secene.. This is not an art exhibiton of a well known artist, who can sell whatever crap he produced... So if they destroy the few very good shows, there is no hope for the other good shows from the past. Videos coming soon, is a joke after such a long time. Some time ago, I speculated that the old videos we have been asking for since the change of the website might show up somewhere else and that we would have to pay again to see them. Go have a look at [Versteckter Link - Registrierung notwendig] ...

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