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The touching story of innocent children setting out to recover the Holy Sepulchre but suffering a tragic fate was becoming a popular legend within half a century of the actual expedition.

Linguistic and social analysis, however, suggests that the crusaders of 1212 were not children, but rather were poor persons on the margins of rural society who were thoroughly imbued with the ideals of the cult of apostolic poverty.

Write the plural of canjo, Kheaf, pi4tno, elf, ^(tliloquy ; and the past tense and perfect participle of In Lrf^t, f U*e, ffinife, he|/ g , true to the second decimal place. (0) Find the quadratic equation whose roots are each greater by 2 than the roots of (aj 2)«-17(a J 2) 42 = 0. Determine the values of a, b and c in order t J&at a(a?

Il^iwrite tlie following wonls, ainondiiig the .spelliiif]^ where it i H incorrect: — ncrj-sst^ry, praveahle, (irron Kx Iafe, prolff SHer, irresvttible, helcuve, (liss((f H)i nfmrnt, ih'Uipif Udrd, cemetery, Of Kiaain, harruss, erufxirrorss, sitniles^ nepenite, jtric Uidgc, ex- intance, 4. (a) Express oa;' 6a; c as the product of two factors, each factor being of the first degree in x, (b) How can one determine, without solving the equation, when the roots of a quadratic are real and of different signs ?

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Describe a parallelogram that shall be equal to a given triangle and have one of its angles equal to a given angle.

D is any point in the base BC of a triangle ABC ; draw a line such that if the triangle be folded about it the point A shall fall on D. Divide a given line externally so that the rectangle con- tained by the segments may equal a given square. Construct a triangle having given the base, the vertical angle and the perpendicular from the vertex on the base.

They believed that after the failure of the armed crusades, God had judged the powers of this world unworthy to rescue the holy places, and had instead made the poor a divine elect to accomplish this task.

Google This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online. In the case of subordinate clauses be specially careful to state the grammatical functions of each, and to point out the particular word each one modifies.

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