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We do not accept paid placements for any of our rankings. Whatever you call it – data analytics, business analytics, and business intelligence are just a few of the names – Big Data is the next wave of technology.More information is being recorded today than ever in history, between business, government, healthcare, and education, and while computers do the heavy lifting, it still takes highly skilled, rigorously trained human beings to program those computers, run the numbers, analyze outputs, and visualize and communicate the information.Fairfield’s networks in New England and New York give graduates access to a thriving analytics job market, making it a clear value.

Are you more interested in attending an on-campus data graduate program?The University of Illinois’s online Master of Computer Science in Data Science is a world-class online degree program; Illinois’ computer science graduate degrees have been ranked in the top 5 nationally.Drawing on the most current computing technology, the MCS-DS focuses on areas like data mining, machine learning, and cloud computing, preparing students for a flexible and adaptable skill set that can take them into a wide variety of industries.And there are not nearly enough people to do that work, meaning a major labor shortage and a prime opportunity to get into an in-demand profession.In the two years since the first Value College Big Data ranking – one of the first of its kind – Big Data in higher education has blown up.

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