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Bishoujo games are often the most underrated type of genre, that gets almost no attention except for hardcore anime fans, or the targetted audiences itself.Since this genre is uniquely Japanese phenomenon, and they form a sizeable fraction of the Japanese market.True Love '95 was my first bishoujo game, and yes, this game has gameplay.Being the classic dating sim game, you start with nothing, but with your actions and decisions to invest points in certain field (studying, sports, working..what? ), you will get to end up be with a girl that you feel that you're attached to at the end of the game, or if you screwed up, you will get nothing in the end.With average graphics and awesome in depth storyline, it's definitely worth going through a wall of texts like this. Granted, it's very short, at most this only last long for 4 hours, but for visual novels that can explain such a wonderful, touching story is very rare in the market.And it can be purchased only online (you have to download the game instead, with a little money paid).When the concept of time travelling meets romance, this is the result of it.The story construction was very well done in this game.

If there is a story about a fictional war can lead into deeper, complex plot and can make you want to read it all to satisfy your curiosity, this would be the game.When the story talks about how Kana, the sister of the main character goes and fight her terminal illness and you're the brother who needs to take care of this poor little girl, you know it's worth a read.Tsukihime is one awesome read, that it brings Type MOON to what the anime fans have known today.For a story, you can actually feel it, as if it's alive.Some people who loved it claimed how the story can make you cry, oh hell it can, prepare some tissues if you happen to pick up this game.

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