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He is ready to use overwhelming force if the warring factions fail to comply with their Dayton obligations.

Richard was called up to the army at 18 years old and on the date he talks about his time in the military, recalling a time during the battle of Arnhem Bridge when his troop was surrounded by German soldiers: "I was quite knackered but all them boys that got killed and marooned, and back in England all the lovely people that got bombed, it was horrible.

EMMA DALYMrkonjic Grad British peace-keepers in Bosnia are moving towards the front lines of northern Bosnia to prepare for their renaissance in 10 days' time as heavily armed Nato troops on a mission to enforce the Dayton peace plan.

The burning began in earnest about 10 days ago - just after the signing of the Dayton plan that will return the area to Serb control - but has diminished in intensity since the British protests.

However, a cloud of white smoke rose from a house on the hill overlooking Mrkonjic Grad on Sunday, while a building in Sipovo smouldered gently, its roof charred and caved in, just down the street from an HVO truck and a small group of soldiers.

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