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Key speaker on the subjects of smart contracts and DApps at Cryptoacademy.Business professional with work experience in finance for Australia’s largest site for P2P lending, with a 0m loan portfolio.Make no mistake, self-build is a tougher task than buying a home from a developer or another owner, but becoming a self-builder has got easier in recent years, especially since the government launched a £30m fund to boost the sector in 2011.One way of mitigating that is to renovate, but it may be expensive to pay for such changes once you have already shelled out for a deposit and stamp duty through the traditional route - especially as high house values and stubborn sellers mean the cost of renovating plus some profit in reward for your efforts is rarely built in to asking prices.Core developer of exonumbootstrap, an open-source library to construct corporate blockchains.Participated in the development and advised projects: Brat, Edem, Proof-of-Status.Participated in development of urban policy legislation innovations.

Brian is an active entrepreneur and corporate transactional attorney with 20 years of experience in U.

Research scientists and engineers at Feature X are building a data-driven model of the global economy.

Matthew has worked for Two Sigma, Palantir Technologies and Facebook.

Participated in development and support of blockchain projects: United Traders (m token sale), Token Stars (m token sale), ICOforce, etc. Software engineer with 10 years of experience in commercial development.

Participated in and managed the development of software for industry leaders: Sberbank, Russian Railways, Sukhoi, Mi G, Tupolev, Ilyushin.

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