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Post located here at Dia Lte G TM This naturally leads to challenge number 6: The best women I’ve known and had the most fun with were sharp. Challenging a woman to feel indisputable attraction towards us which engages “Want to know more” trigger means using our minds more so we can fully connect with her. A more recent post also suggests how deep and effective a mystery challenges her: e IS the ultimate challenge. These triggers, when lined up, stirs her attraction in such a way, many women can not resist but to get “trapped” in the emotional high created.7 Reasons Why Women Like Quiet and Mysterious Men Plus How To Be It Leave just enough room in the conversations to allow her to fill in her own blanks. We must not seek her approval over something she doesn’t like about us. Mysteries tend to be bound to our thinking part of the brain.Here’s a great quote to help us out: balanced just enough mystery about what I was doing when Alicia wasn’t there, with just enough BEING THERE for her to get that girl to like me more than any other guy she knew.The standard Pickup logic may not support this, but I’m here to tell you that if a person is exposed to your presence regularly enough (but not to extremes), they will start to miss you when you’re not around, and they will feel a burning attraction begin to build for you.

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Secondly, it’s really about learning a new technique to story telling which involves us and our friends and works better if they just happen to be women. The more high up she “claims” to be ( borderline stuck up if you know what I mean ) you’ll want to be more cocky and definitely extremely sarcastic.

It creates a tense, uncomfortable atmosphere, and destroys attraction.”omen do NOT want to be GIVEN their next lover, boyfriend, or casual date without any real challenge.

We put a higher value on what we work hard for and this includes personal relationships.

There’s a deeper level of attraction we can reach with women if we challenge them just enough to “step up her game.” We must be a natural “man commodity” which also engages the specific emotional attachments women tend to put along side attraction.

This works best by not pretending we’re it and playing some stupid mind games but by actually “teasing” her into our lives because of who we are, what we do, and how we approach life, is naturally challenging her attraction towards us.

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