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****** If you’ve been following our reporter Valerie Verkamp’s coverage of Park Hill’s building plan in the Line Creek area and its effect on the forest there, good for you. Park Hill’s school board last week pushed ahead with its master plan, ignoring concerns raised by organizers of a group to “Save the Last KC Forest.” You can learn more by following the group on Facebook.

Just enter the words “Save the Last KC Forest” in the Facebook search box and you’ll find their page.

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Ever have one of those days when all you want to do is get on social media and spend hours debating whether the Earth is flat or round? If you live south, you know what I’m talking about. ****** More feedback on the “school board members are typically a passive bunch” editorial from last week.

So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

Every time President Isaias Afwerki has an interview with his captive media (Eri-TV), a very large segment of the population take the very sensible decision of ignoring it, leaving a few of us obsessive types to watch it and divine meaning from it.

The biggest strength of Sam Graves as a congressman has been outstanding constituent services in the Sixth District for folks needing assistance with any government agency under the federal realm.

Just a few minutes after sending an email to a Graves staffer in Washington, D. explaining the most recent crap show from the postal service, I received a phone call from a caseworker at Graves’ local office in Platte County. A Graves’ staffer named Wyatt is about to help us go full Wyatt Earp on the post office. ****** If mail service down south gets any worse we’re skipping the post office and sending Chris Kamler out to deliver Landmarks from a bicycle with one of those cute baskets on the front.

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