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Birthdays are popular now among families with babies and young children.

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Go along if you can with the singing, dancing, clapping and arm-waving to the loud music, while drinking copious quantities of Beer Lao (Johnnie Walker for the wealthier patrons).

Although virtually everyone has a mobile phone or tablet these days with internet (and Facebook access), Internet shops are still popular in Vientiane, not only for tourists but many young Lao women and men 'video-chatting' with friends at home and overseas.

Some are looking for more than friendship with visiting foreigners. With the help of relatively cheap cosmetic surgery available in nearby Thailand, young men can be transformed into the women they already feel they are 'inside' and wanted to be from an early age.

Parents do not feel shame or hostility toward the child.

These beliefs are still respected and even reinforced under the influence of Buddhism in fact the Buddhist version of the story of creation refers to them: "in the beginning there was man, woman and kathoey." Each gender has its individual role and unique sufferings.

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