Christian pen pals no dating

Establishing corresponding friends for children is a wonderful way to help them experience other cultures almost first hand.It is exciting for most to meet others from around the world.Some may institute a Christian penpal website to gain information on the spiritual traditions and practices of Christians throughout the world.Christian penpals can also facilitate and organize missionary trips through the use of modern communications.If the writer friend lives on the other side of the world, traditional written letters may take weeks to be received using postal mail.

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The common faith that is shared between these individuals can be helpful in making it through tough times and forging a lasting friendship based on faith and love for God.

The term Christian pen pal doesn't mean what it used to--a chance to write to someone in another part of the country or the world and exchange information about life, and thereby become friends.

Now sharing this information is often used as a means to find a life partner.

If two people are meeting as Christian pen pals, they have a very important ingredient for a lasting relationship, their common faith.

It used to be that writing to someone as a pen pal meant taking pen in hand and writing down thoughts onto a piece of stationery, addressing an envelope and affixing a stamp, then posting it.

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