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This is part of the International Condom Day celebrations marked today February 13, a day before Valentine’s Day.

CONSUMER PREFERENCES The launch of the studded rubber sheaths — which offer protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections such as HIV—was prompted by consumer preferences of studded condoms over plain condoms, NACC says.

We also want people to be protected as they have pleasure,” he said.

When condoms are used correctly and consistently, they can prevent HIV infection by over 80 per cent, research shows.

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for anonymous access, you might have to look in another village/town.It is unacceptable either way, and comprehensive sex education is key to change such abusive behaviour.Alice: In England, more emphasis on consent, respect and pleasure in sex education.We never discussed any other contraceptive methods apart from the pill and condoms. Many public institutions have condom dispensers, and you can get free contraceptives in mobile clinics and universities.But depending on where you live, there can be a lack of information or stigma.

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