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There was some flirty banter involved and by the end of the week, we met up.

We walked around campus awhile and then headed back to my apartment. He started to tickle me which led to us making out and taking off our clothes.

We were super drunk, and I was giving him head, and he peed on me.

Literally the worst thing ever; I haven't told anyone, obviously.” “So I met this guy on Tinder.

I don’t know if he didn’t realize or was just mortified, but he tried to play it off like he spilled something in the bed.

Naturally I had to walk home (thankfully he gave me pants) and I could not have gotten in the shower quicker or stayed in longer.

I shudder when I think of this.” “During Halloweekend, I was going home with this very attractive soccer player.

While walking to his dorm, he apologizes for how dirty his room is (which is fine, we've all been there).

but then when we started to have sex, he climbed on top of me and just laid there.When I get there, the only thing out of place are his bed sheets, and everything else is pristine. A few minutes go by, and mid-hookup he stops and immediately stands up and begins frantically cleaning.He sprays not one, but two scents of air freshener, causing me to choke.He said all the right things and sure enough I went home with him, and told my friends it was cool to leave without me.Next thing I know I'm told that if I don't have sex with him I needed to leave. He said no and left me alone at his house while he left with his bro's to get food and wouldn't let come along. I somehow got home by dawn.” “Earlier in the semester, I met a guy out at a party.

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