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A much larger facility is needed via State and Federal and/or Private Foundation Funds for what is indeed one of the most important historical sites and archeological relics to be found in the entirety of French Colonial America..

I wanted this picture that I took in year 2000 with Daughter, Jennifer in front of the background of the cliff surrounding the Heavener Runestone, and with my old sketch superimposed, in order to show in approximate scale the Runestone size and surrounding rocky terrain.

Gloria Farley's home was at left side of this photo.

She lived across the street from our back yard Approximate location of Runestone is marked by an arrow head near where a roadway ascends the mountain.

I believe that the Rune Writer made that short stroke "S" to enable more than one message within the inscription.

If one neglects it, one reading is as above: "Gjome's Date" (Or, "Valley," if the last rune is taken as an "L," as mentioned by others.).

He told me that he was at that time the world's only University Professor actually offering a university course for study of ancient runic languages.

(I think he has since retired from those positions).

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One problem is that there were varieties of runic alphabets that changed over the centuries and within various geographical locales.

This picture was from about 1984-1985, With Christine Houser, Jennifer Woodard, Melissa Woodard, and Mary Kay Woodard.

This picture was taken after Sunday Morning Church, When we were on our way to Mena, Arkansas to enjoy a catfish dinner, and viewing of beautiful Fall foliage.

Christine Houser and Jennifer Woodard were then and still are best friends.

At that time, even though located only about 2 miles from downtown of little city of Heavener, the Runestone rested in boulder-strewn, brush and tree and briar surrounded, rattlesnake infested wilderness.

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