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Developed by THQ’s Relic Entertainment studio, creators of the award-winning Company of Heroes and Dawn of War franchises, Company of Heroes Online is an online multiplayer real-time-strategy game that is free to download and play.

Although it involves a steep learning curve, especially for players who are new to this genre of game; it still claims to be one of the best gaming applications in this category.

EA’s Battle Forge is another example of a free to play game that mixes strategy elements.

Read more about the upcoming game below, or check out out preview page for screenshots and videos. (NASDAQ: THQI) today announced the evolution of its critically acclaimed real-time strategy game, Company of Heroes ® , into a unique free-to-play micro-transaction online multiplayer experience scheduled for release in the North American market this fall.

You can choose from among six different divisions and each has its own distinctive abilities and combat styles.

The divisions include the uber-efficient Allied Airborne and the brutal German Blitzkrieg.

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