Confederate dating

And in his days there came for the first time 3 ships; and then the King’s Reeve (Sheriff) rode there and wanted to compel them to go to the king’s town, because he did not know what they were; and they slew him. Note dog or fox head effigy and tight geometric patterns.

Those were the first ships of the Danish men which sought out the land of the English race.” Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (Winchester MS).

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They are loosely associated with the Cult of Perun. This invasion came in waves and was accompanied with great slaughter and plundering.

Here is the first contact of what would become two and a half centuries of savage Viking attacks and settlement ravaging the whole island. 5.00 Rare geometric design, finely crafted and in perfect condition with no chips or restoration. Arkansas and acquired from the Hiwassee College Collection. Rare and perfectly intact with only minor rim chipping.

It seems that the blood shed in the Anglo Saxon Conquest came to fall upon their heads when they least expected it and in greater measure.

and were most likely found long ago in a Germanic Row Grave Cemetery on the Central Meseta.

Constructed of solid sheet silver with gilt brass palmettes at the junctures. Two of the arrow shaped terminals on one of the fibulae are restorations. These amulets were worn by Nordic and Slavic Women and are of very ancient origin. One documented game was called “Chunky” where players would roll the stone and then cast spears at it once it rested. Discoidals this large and well fabricated are very rare.

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