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Click here to buy For the cat and dog lover (because yes, crazy cat people can also love dogs), The Incredible Journey is the courageous tale of two pups and one cat alone in the Canadian wilderness, and it was made into the tearjerker movie Homeward Bound. This book involves all the crazy and mundane escapades of living with cats with Tofield's charming and talented artistic hand. It's a book about a cat who lives in a library and changes lives, and it's so heartwarming it'll make you feel warm and fuzzy. Dewey, a tiny kitten who was stuffed into a returned book slot at the Spencer Public Library one winter night and found the next morning becomes a cat the community all comes to recognize as as a source of pride and hope.

In this demotivational book, you'll be uninspired to make a difference, chase your dreams, or succeed at work.

The man apologised and the woman accepted his apology.

The woman handed in her resignation on November 10.

On one occasion, the colleague showed the woman the response from one of his friends and the caption on the Snapchat response was "cute chink".

The woman felt very uncomfortable and degraded by this response and felt the treatment from the senior colleague amounted to discrimination on the grounds of gender, sexual orientation and race.

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