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This allowed her to receive guests and entertain them without disturbing the rest of the house.We even insulated the interior walls for sound reduction. And usually wore a dress so that her 'evidence' was easy for me to receive when she returned home--often right at the back door.That was when she'd either just pop out with a date and quickly return with still moist thighs or she'd entertain here at home where I usually just joined her as she still lay in the wet spot they'd just made.

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Since her tubes were tied, STDs were all we really worried about.I just casually rearranged them for comfort and proudly enjoyed them.My pre-cum output also increased several times over.I'd usually meet her at the door and go down on her right there to taste the hot blended offering before we went to bed for what was always THE hottest, THE wettest sex imaginable.I swear her internal temp was 10 degrees higher after she'd been fucked by one of her lovers. Cum delivered hot and nearly as fresh as possible without sucking the actual cocks yourself?

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