Currency updating application

Complete documentation on payment notifications seehere. Also you can see thenotification handler example in PHP.In your application you can place a button with an offer to get free internal currency which opens the VK dialog box with the list of special offers targeted to the user.Documentation for the payment dialog boxcontains detailed description of this method with all parameters.When using the Microsoft Dynamics AX development environment, you should adhere to a set of best practices.For any other issues with in-app purchases, you can report a problem.You can also change or cancel your auto-renewing in-app subscriptions. If you can't find an in-app purchase or aren't sure that the purchase was successful, you can check your purchase history.In case of successful reply, the VK payment system will charge votes to the application account.If failed to charge the currency, returnan error message as a reply.

If you remove and reinstall an app, or install an app on a new device, you might lose your consumable purchases.

Formula to calculate the number of currency units: [number of currency units] = [conversion rate] * [number of votes] Always rounded down.

For example, if the conversion rate is 0.3 then 7 votes will equal to 0.3 * 7 = 2.1 =notification_type=order_status_change&status=chargeable&app_id=1&date=1362046482&item=offer_1237&item_currency_amount=2&item_photo_url=&item_price=1&item_title=Test special offer&order_id=131341&receiver_id=100&user_id=100 Upon notification receipt,charge the currencyfor the user in the application.

If you lose a non-consumable purchase, you might be able to download it again for free. You can buy these services or this content for a specific subscription period, and the subscription will automatically renew at the end of that period.

Apps might offer subscription periods of different lengths, such as weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. You have to authenticate your Apple ID to make in-app purchases.

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