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[tags: Internet Addiction Essays] - When it comes to the topic of technology, most people will readily agree that it has been growing non-stop at a significant pace.About 16 years ago, technologies, such as computers were not a necessity in mainstream life.Internet usage has become very popular with in the past years.It is used for entertainment, communication and resources....We use computers at school, at home, and at work and most of us can’t imagine life without them.Although computer use has become an everyday activity in our lives, its excessive use can have negative effects such as failure in our relationships, school-work and responsibilities.

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Although she mainly focuses on the positive she also contradicts herself and mentions some negative aspects....[tags: Internet Addiction Problems Computers Essays] - As I sit here and look across the street, I see my neighbor in front of his own computer; the screen glowing against the window behind him.He does not use his personal computer for work, he is a farmer.[tags: internet] - Computers are considered to be one of the greatest discoveries of the 20th century.As time goes on, computers have become more and more important in our lives.

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