Dating a band member

"Harold." Louis yelled and Harry looked at Louis and you, sighing as he shrugged himself out of Liam and Niall's hold.

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from a loud, broken-down tour bus because that was the only time I could call. There might be days when the only time we talk is when I call you at 2 a.m. Also your shoes will always be sticky now and I do not have a solution. They will go on tour and boom — now they are invisible. OK, I just need to say in all the caps in the world: This. A sob escaped your lips so Louis quickly went back to your side and held you tightly again, whispering sweet things into your ear until you fell asleep from crying so much. "I'm not gonna calm down because you forgot our anniversary!! "It's only six months Y/N, it's not like fifty years!! "It doesn't matter if it had been a week, it's still our anniversary and you shouldn't have forgotten!!Harry- (Zayn) Zayn had asked you out after knowing you for over a year and Harry was hesitant but let you two date because he knew how close you two were before. " You shouted and he growled, his hand going across your face.

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