Dating a confirmed bachelor

He's frustrated about some weight gain (due to stress) and has some other physical issues that he is trying to fix.

My heart breaks with how stressed out he is, and I just can't push him on marriage/kids and still be a good friend to him.

I say he is a confirmed bachelor since he is over 40 and never married.

He's not a "confirmed" bachelor if he says he wants to get married and have a family.

He moved across the country to be with me and we have been living together since September. Living together has been *interesting* - he has spent most of his adult life living in a hotel since he travels a lot for work so living in one city and with someone has been quite an adjustment.

He is very much a loner and admits he is having a hard time with changing his lifestyle.

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I would really love to get feedback and advice from others (both men and women) on what I should do.

After speaking with 15 bachelors over the age of 50, we came to the conclusion that marriage isn’t something bachelors over 50 fear or never see happening, but it’s something these men avoided.

They were too afraid to go out and find someone they enjoy being with, or felt they were too busy with their own personal life.

He says he wants to settle down and have kids, otherwise, I would never had made time for him in the first place.

I believe him, but I'm wondering if he is capable of making such a dramatic life change.

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