Dating a giant

The park contains penis statues, totem poles, penis benches and even penis wind chimes.

The statues seem less strange in the context of South Korea's unusually low fertility rates.

Facebook Stories is one recent addition that fell fairly flat – the feature appears shoehorned in even after several months of integration (versus a relatively smooth uptake with Instagram) – Facebook Dating could meet the same lukewarm reception.

Niche and premium sites will have to wait for details to emerge before they can speculate on the impact of a new gorilla in the market.

This is also true of compatibility matching, once the science develops further, and of any video integration / other features proven to work elsewhere (Facebook has no compunction about If acquisition and retention are unlikely to derail Facebook Dating, then monetisation may at least pose a question.

Facebook has been free to use historically, and subscription features or ‘a la carte’ features (like Tinder Boost) would signal a departure from that model.

Facebook may, as a result, have a giant capacity to bypass the barriers to entry the market leaders have built up.

One of the biggest hurdles for new apps in recent years has been achieving a critical mass of users: Tinder and other location-based apps have led singles to expect a pool of local people when they register, meaning any new ventures tend to launch over many months.

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The stock has plummeted over 20% in under 24 hours, and is beginning to stabilise at a hugely reduced valuation.Facebook undoubtedly has the data to set up elaborate filters and preferences, but any stratification of its users would have to be commensurate with its .Different sexual orientations will no doubt be catered for, but searches by education or profession are set to be more of a PR difficulty.Such is the case with the three large statues that resemble naked men with penises for faces outside the Olympic media center and Alpensia Ski Jumping Center in Pyeongchang, South Korea.Called "Bullet Man," the statues were installed in 2009, long before the Olympics, and are meant to symbolize "the human desire for a cool body, wealth, honor with a concrete image," according to local media.

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