Dating a seperated man with adult children

Also, being that I am 46 years old, its pretty common to find people my age, or close to it, that still have children at home.The only difference may be that I am a widow, therefore I do not have an additional parent that my kids go off to every other week, so I'm doing this whole parenting thing solo.

I turned down a number of women who wouldn't have a guy stay overnight because of having kids at home.There is also this neat little building called a hotel.have beds and privacy.Edit: I find it interesting that this post slid in to the sex discussion about me and my teenagers being an issue.I honestly thought the main issue would be that a man might think I am not allowing my adult son to grow up and he might feel more intimidated by the fact of an adult male being in my house.I'm really glad for that time we got to spend together.At this point I have never had that bad of a negative reaction to it, but I do approach the subject with skepticism because of my own fears of what their reaction might be. I see that this is just something that I really should not feel umcomfy with and make it known when the time is right... My kids do understand my need to have a male companion now and then.

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